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Meccano Twins - Thelastrelease (TRSE - TRSE 015) - Hardcore

TRSE 015

Meccano Twins Thelastrelease
Label: TRSE
Cat N: TRSE 015
Release date: 20-02-2004
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Heavy, extreme, experimental... Meccano Twins, "Thelastrelease" is their new mix on Traxtorm Sinful, label dedicated to experiments.
An extract of very hard acoustic with extreme distortions, drums and synth... The excellent sound research mixed up with musical experience of these artists has produced "Thelastrelease", off limits and besides the rules...we recommend you particularly, for exacting people, the B2 "Shittin'steel", something special to listen to.
N cat: TRSE15

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