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VV.AA. - Traxtorm Power 2003 - Ultimate Hardcore (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 035) - Hardcore


VV.AA. Traxtorm Power 2003
Ultimate Hardcore
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAXCD 035
Release date: 02-04-2003
Style: Hardcore
Type: Compilation
The strongest, the hardest ever, the incontrovertible Traxtorm Power 2003!! It's time for the annual meeting with Traxtorm Power, 20 new unreleased tracks, the hardcore sound of the future is here!!! All Traxtorm artists with no exceptions are on the compilation: The Stunned Guys, Tommyknocker, Randy, Art of Fighters, Impulse Factory, DJ Lancinhouse, DJ Mad Dog, Nico & Tetta, Core Pusher, Neophyte, Reactor, DJ 'S'Pete & Jacko, The Depudee, Rave Montedo, Gabber Mafia, Gif Phobia, Meccano Twins, T-Factor, Sick DJ Team, Headnodderz. Traxtorm Power 2003, the true force of hardcore!!

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