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Unexist & Tommyknocker - Step into our world (TRSE - TRSE 019) - Hardcore

TRSE 019

Unexist & Tommyknocker Step into our world
Label: TRSE
Cat N: TRSE 019
Release date: 25-01-2006
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
This "real heavy" record is the result of the collaboration between Tommyknocker and Unexist (aka Jappo), which merges sounds and styles of the 2 producers into a brutal, but at the same time innovative, release.
Step into our world (A1) is the perfect track to set the dancefloor on fire at the end of the DJ set. Finally (B1) and LTT (B2) manifest the quality and the style of these talented producers.

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