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VV.AA. - Xtreme.core vol.3 - Frazzbass vs Rotello (Noistorm - NOISCD 003) - Hardcore


VV.AA. Xtreme.core vol.3
Frazzbass vs Rotello
Label: Noistorm
Cat N: NOISCD 003
Release date: 24-02-2006
Style: Hardcore
Type: Compilation
The extremest of the extreme is back: Xtreme.core 3!
30 tracks, all in such a progression you can't stand: Frenchcore, Industrial, Terror, Speedcore and Extratone in a rise of bpm, noize and violence.
This acustic mayhem, seleceted by Frazzbass and Rotello, is back with worldwide best choice of artists such as Randy, Radium, Speedfreak, Meccano Twins, Noisekick, Plague, Stinger, Komprex, Incorrect Segment.
The sound gets more and more brutal and excessive: are you hard enough?

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