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Meccano Twins - Brain: left side (TRSE - TRSE 020) - Hardcore

TRSE 020

Meccano Twins Brain: left side
Label: TRSE
Cat N: TRSE 020
Release date: 22-03-2006
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Meccano Twins strikes back! Their lastest EP Brain: Right Side was a big success, played by the most important djs and well reached by the critics. Don't expect nothing less from the Left Side!
Illusion is what Meccano means for a party track. No rap vocals, no juno sounds, only sound research, power and harmony.
Pure Intentions is the exact opposite. Kicks, noise and again kicks, pure sound aggression and rawness! Theory of Steel is a sound experiment, a mix between techno and hardcore. Don't expect happy melodies here.

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