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Meccano Twins - Tendrils of agony (TRSE - TRSE 023) - Hardcore

TRSE 023

Meccano Twins Tendrils of agony
Label: TRSE
Cat N: TRSE 023
Release date: 20-09-2007
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Innovation. The word expresses the concept behind this EP, the first TRSE taken from the new album by AoF/Meccano Twins.
Tendrils of Agony (A1) makes the difference. The arrangment and the sounds have been created upon the research of an alternative to the standard schemes of the hardcore music.
Domin-Hated (B1) is inspired by hardtechno and electronic music, an intelligent crossover of styles.
Complex Man (B2) is the latest creation in the consolidated and appreciated style of Meccano Twins.

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