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Meccano Twins - Inner side (TRSE - TRSE 025) - Hardcore

TRSE 025

Meccano Twins Inner side
Label: TRSE
Cat N: TRSE 025
Release date: 20-02-2008
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
The second TRSE sampler from the AoF/Meccano Twins album is finally out: 3 tracks, Meccano style to the max!
"Inner Side" (A1) is a jump back to the roots of the Meccano sound.
Pure power without compromise, perfectly shaped to hold the thin line between the mainstream and the darkcore, ultimate floorfiller.
As B1 "Superior", first of the two collaborations with Mad Dog. Avantgarde of sounds and breathtaking samples for a track which was immmediatly hammered by the tops.
As B2 the next chapter of the saga: "Alpha Release". Perfect for the beginning of a darkcore set, a demolishing kickdrum and a groove that is already making the European rave people dance.

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