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VV.AA. - Fight the power - Unexist & The Alliance (DT6 Inc. - DT6 004) - Hardcore

DT6 004

VV.AA. Fight the power
Unexist & The Alliance
Label: DT6 Inc.
Cat N: DT6 004
Release date: 14-09-2009
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
The latest collaboration and second vinyl extracted from the new and long awaited "Anarchy" album of the baddest Italian muthafuker Unexist.

On the A side Unexist teams up with Cane Pazzo (Mad Dog) for an uncompromising total hardcore track showing their love for loud bass drums, guitars and home made screaming vocals and their despise for any type of authority!!!
"Fight the power" is the result.

B1 is a product of a week of madness spent along with his 2 friends Lenny Dee and Tommyknocker in Belgium where they fuse all their styles in one track. Vocals were performed by Lenny "Doggy" Dee inspired by the mad week .
"Destructive behaviour" has pounding kick drums, break beats, angelic strings and everything else you can expect from this 3 maniacs.

B2 "Rock the beat" is another experiment done with the T-knocker. The 2 tried to make everything backwards, they decide to compose the parts where the other one is soppused to be the specialist inverting the roles.
The result? Another bangin track!

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