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Unexist - Don't exist (DT6 Inc. - DT6 006) - Hardcore

DT6 006

Unexist Don't exist
Label: DT6 Inc.
Cat N: DT6 006
Release date: 16-06-2011
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Unexist comes back with the last sampler from his successful album "Anarchy": four tracks in the unique and raw sound that made him worldwide famous.
"Don't exist" is the perfect example of his latest evolution in music: hard, raw and sophisticated. Breakbeats, rhythm, and kinda dark feeling pervades thru all the track.
"Body Bag" is exactly what you expect from the man itself: a fast, rough and incredibly powerful track, like nobody else does!
The ep continues with "My World", featuring Satronica, and "Freedom", eclectic experiments toward drum'n'bass and more complex patterns and sounds.

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