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Meccano Twins - High Tech Hardcore (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 080) - Hardcore


Meccano Twins High Tech Hardcore
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAXCD 080
Release date: 10-09-2013
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
It's been a decade since Meccano Twins made its appearance in the music scene. Born as the darker side project of Art of Fighters, its music evolved into something self conscious and unique, always on the edge of sperimentation and sonic reseach, contaminated by a variety of different genres.
High Tech Hardcore is the manifesto, the declaration of musical intents: no rules, eclectic sound design and arrangment choice, dark and deep atmospheres. This collection of 21 of the best new works will take you into a journey thru its music, 21 tracks seamlessly edited and cutted to provide you some of the best hardcore music of the moment.

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