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DJ Mad Dog - RUDENESS - Hardcore beyond rules (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 081) - Hardcore


Hardcore beyond rules
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAXCD 081
Release date: 16-11-2013
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
"RUDENESS - Hardcore beyond rules" is the new DJ Mad Dog's album.
With this new work DJ Mad Dog declares his indifference about the music rules set by the market, demostrating that Hardcore music lasts through all the trivial music hypes of the moment.

The first CD included 15 "album version" tracks, 8 brand new songs and 3 remix.
The second CD is a "best of" that traces the DJ Mad Dog career from the origins to our days.

"RUDENESS - Hardcore beyond rules" is also the name of the new tour which will take DJ Mad Dog and his sound all around the globe. The premiere date is set on November the 16th 2013 in Italy, at the legendary hardcore club Florida of Ghedi - Brescia.

Are you ready to go beyond rules?

"Rudeness is the disrespect of musical rules established by a society or a group of people"

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