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Street Parade 2005 c/o Zurich city Quaibrücke 8001 Zurich Switzerland (13-08-2005)



Street Parade 2005

Date: 13-08-2005
Location: Zurich city
City: Zurich
Type: Outdoor festival
Time: -
After 3 years Traxtorm Records is proud to announce that the hardcore sound will be back at Zurich' Street Parade: Traxtorm will join the parade with the only hardcore truck, "The Hardest", in cooperation with Gladius Events & Gruppo Hardcore Ticino.
On stage at the parade: The Stunned Guys, Tommyknocker, Art of Fighters, Claudio Lancinhouse, DJ Mad Dog and Nico&Tetta, DJ Giuly!!
And it is not over yet... Traxtorm Records will produce its own dancefloor (featuring, of course, all its artists) at the big party "Starz", takin' place in Zurich after the Street Parade.

The ticket for live the street parade on truck is 110,00 €
info and buy the ticket

party after steet parade
Traxtorm Records @ Street Parade 2005