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Goliath '06 c/o Hallenstadion Zurich Switzerland (12-08-2006)



Goliath '06

Date: 12-08-2006
Location: Hallenstadion
City: Zurich
Type: Indoor
Time: -
Atb (D)
Dj Sammy (SP)
Joe T. Vannelli (I)
Dj Antoine (CH)
Gayle San (UK)
Scot Project (D)
Ron Van Den Beuken (NL)
Afrika Islam (D)
Tillmann Uhrmacher (D)
Talla 2xlc (D)
Steve Land (I)
Killer Faber (I)
Dj Emix (I)
Dj Sender (UKR)
Dj Dream (CH)
Dj Simple (CH)
Dj Dynamic (CH)
Tito Torres (CH)
Live: Rmb (D)
Mc Roby Rob (CH)

Art Of Fighters (I)
Nico & Tetta (I)
Lenny Dee (USA)
Buzz Fuzz (NL)
Rob Gee (USA)
Unexist (I)
Jappo (I)
Virus (CH)
Sam-X (CH)
Dj Skull (CH)
Miss Mackie (CH)
Miss Basstard (CH)
Dj Darkness (CH)
Execute Dj Team (CH)
Live: Marshall Masters Feat. The Ultimate Mc (D)
Live: Noize Suppresor (I)
Live: Ophidian (NL)

Marc Acardipane (D)
Pila (Nl)
Hellraiser (AUS)
Dj Zenith (I)
Vortex (I)
A*S*Y*S* (D)
Ueberdruck (D)
The Scientist (NL)
Thilo (NL)
Clive King (NL)
D-Block (NL)
S-Te-Fan (NL)

Phuture Traxx (D)
Dj Toxic
Charles Miaia
Dj Sammy Gee
Dj Pat Valley
Dj Dready-2
Dj Angy Dee
Dj X-Calibur
Dj Madwave
Dj Butterfly
Dj Fabio G.
Mister Al
Dj Galaxy
This mega evant has been one of the top parties in Switzerland for over a decade. Goliath 2006 it happens to be the after streetparade party that takes place in the new Hallenstadion. Where else can you enjoy the evening better than here?
presale 38,00 + 5,00 commission