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E-Motions - Night and day outdoor festival c/o discoteca Florida Via Montichiari, 47 25016 Ghedi (BS) Italy (14-07-2007)




Night and day outdoor festival

Date: 14-07-2007
Location: discoteca Florida
City: Ghedi (BS)
Type: Outdoor festival
Time: -
Chris Liebing (CLR Records - DE)
Mario Più (Metempsicosi - IT)
Gabry Fasano (Alchemy Records - IT)
Paolo Kighine (Free lance - IT)
Steve Land (Random Electronic - IT)
Brian Sanhaji (Enable Recordings - DE)
Ronnie Play (Matrix - IT)
Paco Ymar (Dylan - IT)
Claudio B (Dylan - IT)
MC Zicky (Metempsicosi - IT)
Luca Pechino (Free Lance - IT)
Shadow Sync live (Essential Reload Records - UK)
supporter: DJ Jacopo Moda

Killer Faber (Free Lance - IT)
Zenith DJ (TRC Comunications - IT)
Fabietto (Dylan - IT)
Cecco (Dylan - IT)
Micky VI (Dylan - IT)
109 Groovy (RND Promotion - IT)
MR. Fudo (Dylan - IT)
Plastick (Dylan - Dorian Gray - IT)
Gogofreè (Domina - IT)
supporter: DJ Sandro T
supporter: Nicky DJ
supporter: Sinfo S MC

The Prophet (Scantraxx - NL)
Technoboy (Titanic Records - BLQ Records - IT)
Tatanka (Zanzatraxx - IT)
Super Marco May (Poseidon Records - IT)
Zatox (Wicked Records - IT)
Zenith (TRC Comunications - IT)
Luca Antolini aka The Navigator (SAIFAM - Dance Pollution Records - IT)
Joshua Hiroshy (Dorian Gray - IT)
D8R Zot (Insound - IT)
Double C (Insound - IT)
Analogic Boy (Insound - IT)
DJ supporters: Icaro - Konte - Mars - Aba - Lu - Hardy - The Dominator - Thunder - Kappalò
MC: Sonic - Ricky Watt - Il Dottore

Paul Elstak (Offensive Records - NL)
Lenny Dee (Industrial Strength - USA)
Shadowland Terrorists live (Masters of Hardcore - NL)
Tommyknocker (Traxtorm Records - IT)
The Stunned Guys (Traxtorm Records - IT)
J.D.A. (Masters of Hardcore - NL)
Art of Fighters live (Traxtorm Records - IT)
Nico & Tetta (Traxtorm Records - IT)
Claudio Lancinhouse (Industrial Strength - IT)
Piccolo Kimiko (ex Number One - IT)
Hardcore Devils (Experiment - IT)
Lysa (Dorian Gray - IT)
3-Mor vs X-Plore (Gabberplanet vs Hardcore Legacy - IT)

Hellfish (Deathchant - Psychik Genocide - UK)
Bryan Fury (Deathchant - Epileptik - UK)
Randy (R 909% - IT)
Twilight (N.E. Tunes Rec. - Masha Rec. - IT)
Koney (N.E. Tunes Rec. - Koney Rec. - IT)
Milla (N.E. Tunes Records - IT)
Unscarred (N.E. Tunes Records - IT)
Dredd (N.E. Tunes Records - IT)
Hodemar (N.E. Tunes Records - IT)
Backlash (N.E. Tunes Records - IT)
Kaali (N.E. Tunes Records - IT)
D.O.M. live (Digital Last Strenght - IT)
Mystic crew: Hoffman
Mystic crew: Marlyn
Mystic crew: Mauro Picco
E-Motions: the largest, the biggest, the greatest event ever.
For the first time in history, the most important organizations have joined their power and their skills to produce a party never seen before in Italy. The party will be held at the wellknown discoteque Florida, the perfect venue for such an event, with its 12.000 sqm openair park.
Indoor and outdoor areas, 6 dancefloors, swimming pool, food area, merchandise area, and everything you need for 12 hours of party time at its highest.
E-motions: electronic emotions in motion.

5 dancefloors, open air, swimming pool, laser show, 6 bars, merchandise area, body art area.


- TicketOne Presale € 30,00 + commissione € 3,00
- At the door with reduction € 30,00
- At the door € 40,00
E-Motions - Time Table
E-Motions - night and day outdoor festival