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Unexist - Contagion (DT6 Inc. - DT6 CD001) - Hardcore

Unexist - Contagion (DT6 Inc. - DT6 CD001) - Hardcore

DT6 CD001

Contagion Unexist
Label: DT6 Inc.
Cat N: DT6 CD001
Release date: 20-04-2006
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
Here it is the first album of Unexist!
Contagion is the first step towards the Pestilence that is about to be spread.
The cd turns up to be Unexist s distorted view of Hardcore A selection of all the best tracks of the past years till the latest Counter virus.
The turntablized mix is a little present for all the crazy mutherfuckers and the fucking crazy only!!!! Who wants 60 minutes filled with energy.

Get ready to see Hardcore Thru Unexist s eyes!

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