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Unexist - Anarchy (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 077) - Hardcore

Unexist - Anarchy (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 077) - Hardcore


Anarchy Unexist
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAXCD 077
Release date: 27-10-2010
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
16 tracks of pure audio brutality!
The new Unexist's album features many collaborations with the most respected producers of the scene, all with the unmistakable Unexist's flavour.

"Anarchy" liberates the human mind from the dominion of religions and from any institutional order, the total dismissal from anyone or anything wants to impose its own laws and rules to the people.

Everyone is his own master, free yourself from oppressors!

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