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DJ Mad Dog - A night of madness (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 078) - Hardcore

DJ Mad Dog - A night of madness (Traxtorm Records - TRAXCD 078) - Hardcore


A night of madness DJ Mad Dog
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAXCD 078
Release date: 21-03-2011
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
Brand new Mad Dog's "A night of madness" is out now.
We asked to some of our artists to review it.

Maxx Monopoli (The Stunned Guys)
As I've been deeply involved in the production, maybe my opinion is not fully rational, but I've gotta say this is "the real Hardcore album", I mean literally, nothing more, nothing less.

Tommaso Marra (Tommyknocker)
With this album Mad Dog shows us to be one of the best artist on this scene.
All the synths and the kickdrums of the songs are the result of a big sonic research.
You can hear his passion for this music in every second of this album.
A concentrate of real hardcore bombs, original and innovative.

Dario Renzi (Amnesys)
Filippo has made a great job in studio, putting together a few important elements.
He built up simple tracks with a powerful impact.
The idea to use retro sounds with his own sounds is just awesome and in the end what you can hear will be 100% of pure Hardcore sound.

Barbara Palermo (AniMe)
I find this album very complete and I think with this one Mad Dog has found a full artistic maturity.
Moreover I absolutely agree with him about the decision to make an album with mostly strong tracks dancefloor-oriented, this is hardcore music & it has to be hard.
Sure I will play many tracks of this CD during my sets, congratulations to Filippo, I think that 2011 will be his year!

Francesco Iapicca (Unexist)
Fuck I dont know what to say: the album is just so kick ass I just better tell you my favorites tracks and why.....
B.O.B: gets the number one place for me cos I think everything fits perfectly and I love Bob Marley and the way the whole track is built up.
Bassdrum bitch: definitely one of my favorites cos it's straight in your face just like the doctor ordered.
Who's the best: the main masterpiece.
Dreams and Don't fuck around: I love the them cos they both take me back to the old school vibe I used to love so much!!
Game over: first it takes me back to the past with that 8 bit sound and then right in the future with that futurist sound and arrangement.
The rest are all very cool and distinctive tracks: an absolutly MUST HAVE album!!!!!!
My vote: 9
Way to go motherfucker!!!!!!
Peace Unexist

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