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AniMe - A-Bomb (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0102) - Hardcore

AniMe - A-Bomb (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0102) - Hardcore

TRAX 0102

A-Bomb AniMe
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAX 0102
Release date: 10-09-2012
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
The brand new success of the italian Goddess of Hardcore.

Hunting for your soul
This track is everything you need to let the dancefloor dance, jump, scream and get excited: the kick, the melody, the aggressive sounds and the amazing voice of Jessica Pearson, all blended together by a superb arrangement.
The perfect mainstream tune to set the summer dancefloors on fire.
Hunting for your soul... get it under control!!

Rock for real
We stand for simplicity: a vocal loop which will stick in your head, a giant kickdrum and an effective riff makes this track the perfect ace to give the crowd a brutal wake up call.
No-one can stand this!

The Atomic Bomb!!!
After the success of such hits like Detonate and Hardcore Machine, AniMe confirms her style, straight to the point: you can't stop moving.
A wonderful climax intermezzo creates a magic atmosphere and gives the people a chance to prepare themselves for the upcoming acid synth and the powerful kickdrum which will switch the feeling to what the track stands for: a true bombing.

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