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Alien T - Make a difference (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0104) - Hardcore

Alien T - Make a difference (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0104) - Hardcore

TRAX 0104

Make a difference Alien T
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAX 0104
Release date: 19-11-2012
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
After 1 year the alien is back harder than ever, this ep is going to finally set him as the latest rising star of the hardcore scene.

3 tracks, 3 styles, 3 different visions of his own sound, which anyway is nothing esle than Hardcore!

"Make a difference" (feat. MC D) is the main track of the release. This tracks focuses on various moments of pure shock, it goes from a breathtaking breakdown straight into a wide powerfull riff which will make you fly till an unexpected pure bombing of kickdrums, it will make you nuts. Last but not least the vocals by MC D the most popular MC of the Austrailan Hard Dance scene.

"My mind is prepared": from the darkness through a mind trip from the past into the future. A monster is about to destroy everything that is on his way. My mind is prepared to this... is yours too?

"The circus: hardcore": 207 bpm, extreme vocals and unstoppable brutal kickdrums all merged together with "easier" elements as the vocal sample "pappaparaparapappapara" and the tipical circus melody. An extreme tracks which sounds kinda mainstream as well, perfect for the closing of your set.

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