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AniMe - Hands up (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0108) - Hardcore

AniMe - Hands up (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0108) - Hardcore

TRAX 0108

Hands up AniMe
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N: TRAX 0108
Release date: 11-06-2013
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
The new EP of one of the undisputed queens of the Hardcore world: AniMe.
Since her entry in Traxtorm Records, the supporters kept growing thanks to her smashing hit "Detonate", here we are two years after and her fame is strong and continues to grow.
"HANDS UP" will be another success of the Italian artist which surely will create discussion around it.

The EP contains four tracks:

Cover of a Freestylers's track.
With this track AniMe experiences something different, just as the vocal announces: "I'm strong with the freestyle."
New BPM and for the first time in a her track is included a singing break; the result is really convincing, aggressive and chaotic, the track put everyone in party mood.
Perfect for summer festivals.

Be a God # TiH
Tune already known because included as edit version in the Free Compilation "This is Hardcore", has already received many positive feedbacks. Characteristic of this track is the unexpected re-start with the scratch sound all to dance.

Hands up
Track which gives the title to the EP, is in pure AniMe style.
Powerful, engaging and dominant, this tune is the worthy successor of the most famous Hits of the lady.
The vocal enters immediately in the head and merges with arrogant sounds and a furious rhythm.
"If you know you wanna party, let me see, put your hands up in the air"
Raising your hands up during this track is a must.

Be a God # TiH (Endymion rmx)
The remix by the famous Dutch Hardcore trio, Endymion, which is also included previously as cut version in the "This is Hardcore" compilation.
Powerful kick and thrilling melody are the main ingredients of this remix which is very strong on the dancefloors.

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