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Koozah - Enslave (Next Cyclone - NXC 004) - Hardcore

Koozah - Enslave (Next Cyclone - NXC 004) - Hardcore

NXC 004

Enslave Koozah
Label: Next Cyclone
Cat N: NXC 004
Release date: 25-06-2013
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
There's a new talent in the scene, and this time he comes from Spain.
Koozah is his name, and this young producer is willing to break all rules you heard so far, eager to work and impose his personal style, without compromise.

Big kickdrums with greats tricks, bright synth lines and catchy vocals characterize his sound: he joins the hardcore movement with this 4 tracker EP, each with a different particular touch and style.

Enslave: a song with feeling, great melody together with an effective kicks and a vocal with a lot of meaning.

F.U.C.K.: big screeches, hard vocals, a massive kick and a big melody that you can't forget.

Next Life: Huge kick drums, a lot of filtering kicks tricks with crazy old school and futuristic synths, the perfect choice to end a set and make people going crazy ..See you in the next life!

Psychosocial, a slower bmp track with very aggressive vocals, a big kickdrum and main synth`s, all toghether with a long rise up after the break to create movement in the dance floor.

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