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Xcite - God's child (Next Cyclone - NXC 007) - Hardcore

Xcite - God's child (Next Cyclone - NXC 007) - Hardcore

NXC 007

God's child Xcite
Label: Next Cyclone
Cat N: NXC 007
Release date: 12-12-2013
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
The debut release of Xcite from The Netherlands.

God's Child: The main track from his first EP, with a catchy intro and a cool mainstream melody.

Don't Hate Me: Definitely the hardest one of the EP, dark atmosphere, filthy screeches which are driven by heavy kickdrums.

On A Mission: A energetic track with some Hardstyle influences, which exactly describes his style.

Falling Away: Another euphoric track with alot of emotion, which you can find back in the break and in the melody.

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