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Koozah - Type zero (Next Cyclone - NXC 010) - Hardcore

Koozah - Type zero (Next Cyclone - NXC 010) - Hardcore

NXC 010

Type zero Koozah
Label: Next Cyclone
Cat N°: NXC 010
Release date: 13-05-2014
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Koozah is back with a massive new EP, Type Zero, totally inspired by his biggest hobby: Space, UFOS, aliens and mystery.

“Type zero #TiH” is the title track of the project, already featured on the "This is Hardcore" album. An innovative track with arpeggiated sounds, spacey atmospheres and a main lead that will make you raise your hands on the dancefloor and dance to the track's big tricks, kickdrums and cracking sounds!

“Aliens revenge”: made for the dancefloor, 100% Koozah style, danceable and melodic. The tipical kickdrum drive the awesome melody of this track, and the vocal "Space Invaders are back!" make it easy to remember!

“D-Revolution”: last but not least, faster, harder and crazyer. Huge kick and powerful synth sounds will make you scream! We start the revolution!

...and remember, this is just the beginning!

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