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Kyuzo - Die for something (Next Cyclone - NXC 014) - Hardcore

Kyuzo - Die for something (Next Cyclone - NXC 014) - Hardcore

NXC 014

Die for something Kyuzo
Label: Next Cyclone
Cat N°: NXC 014
Release date: 22-10-2014
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Die for something:
The debut of Kyuzo at This is Hardcore #TiH. Powerfull track with an epic melody that make you going crazy. The Message of the track could be important in your live: "Live for nothing, or die for something”... It's your call...

Murderer confession:
Darkcore track where you can hear the Kyuzo's Dark Side. Agressive vocals, great screecthes and the most important: DESTRUCTION KICKS!!!!

Bang kick your ass:
The first terror track in Next Cyclone. Funny vocals, Huge kicks... And the most important... FAST BPM!!!!! Destroy your body dancing this crazy track (as you can).

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