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VV.AA. - Brutale (Brutale - BRU 001) - Hardcore

VV.AA. - Brutale (Brutale - BRU 001) - Hardcore

BRU 001

Brutale VV.AA.
Label: Brutale
Cat N: BRU 001
Release date: 26-11-2014
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Brutale - Brutale

Hard vibe, dark voices, aggressive synths, uptempo hardcore beatz... this track is highly recognisable for his almost hypnotic violence. Be ready for bruuuuuutaaaaaleeeeeeee! Wanna bet you will dance on this a lot?

Unexist - I can't escape my mind

Unexist brutalises kickdrums like there is no tomorrow. This track is strenuous, 100% Unexist style, and will kick your mind out of your head.

The Sickest Squad - Go fuck Urself

The dark melody at the beginning evolve in an highly complex IDM breakbeat, before exploding in a kicking uptempo beat... melody and vocal overlaps creating a perfect track to dance to. You cannot help but kick your feet to this!

Meccano Twins - The taste of blood

The base is grinding, the vocals are in theme with the track, and if this is not enough for a track... the breakdown brings back a forgotten aggression you will love...

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