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Andy The Core - Brutal method (Brutale - BRU 003) - Hardcore

Andy The Core - Brutal method (Brutale - BRU 003) - Hardcore

BRU 003

Brutal method Andy The Core
Label: Brutale
Cat N: BRU 003
Release date: 04-03-2015
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Andy The Core - Brutal method

Badness and involvement accompanied by pauses atmospheric dump and brutal sounds: the dancefloor will bang with this track.

Andy The Core - Only in Texas

Here he dont mess around, "Only in Texas": uptempo kick drum, hard sounds, perfect voices. This track will be a hit at the parties.

Andy The Core feat. Onesimk - Dopeness

Intro enveloping before a guessed vocal... Sounds and voice introduce the kick drum as accompanies us throughout the track, along with strong synth absolutely. Pay attention...

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