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VV.AA. - Ferocious (Brutale - BRU 004) - Hardcore

VV.AA. - Ferocious (Brutale - BRU 004) - Hardcore

BRU 004

Ferocious VV.AA.
Label: Brutale
Cat N°: BRU 004
Release date: 29-04-2015
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Bit Reactors - Brutal reality
This track doesn’t give you respite, kicks and industrial sounds! Really brutal and the dancefloor will explode on this track.

Kutski & Joey Riot - Get busy
A high energy hardcore track taking influences from classic UK hardcore techno, along with the more contemporary European sound. Oldskool hip hop samples, bouncy beats and memorable melodies make this track a surefire hit on the dance floors!!

Detest - Brutal hardcore motherfucker
Wrap breakbeat intro before it exploding in a succession of kicks and industrial synths attended by an enveloping vocals. That will be a hit at the parties.

The Anunnaki - Wild nights
Pure evil attended by an industrial kicks, sounds and vocal. The dancefloor will love to dance on these sounds.

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