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The Anunnaki & Sei2ure - Rave on (Brutale - BRU 008) - Hardcore

The Anunnaki & Sei2ure - Rave on (Brutale - BRU 008) - Hardcore

BRU 008

Rave on The Anunnaki & Sei2ure
Label: Brutale
Cat N: BRU 008
Release date: 25-08-2015
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Brutale 008 comes out with 4 tracks designed by The Anunnaki and Sei2ure.

The Anunnaki & Sei2ure - Rave on: A monstrous kick and industrial sounds made this track really Brutale and very interesting.

The Anunnaki & Sei2ure - SD & RR: Powerful hardcore kicks and sounds with an incredible massive vocal! This track create the right thrill that the dancefloor expect.

Raw attitude by The Anunnaki feat. Mc Braincase expresses an incredible power through raw lyrics and aggressive sounds. This masterpiece will blow up the crowds!

Deathwish by Sei2ure is an incredible mix of brutal hard sounds and a classic opera. Huge kick and a perfect synth which bring you to dance till the end.

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