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VV.AA. - Eye of the storm (Next Cyclone - NXC 018) - Hardcore

VV.AA. - Eye of the storm (Next Cyclone - NXC 018) - Hardcore

NXC 018

Eye of the storm VV.AA.
Label: Next Cyclone
Cat N: NXC 018
Release date: 25-09-2015
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
A new cyclone is coming and this time is coming from Sweden and Italy!
Were proud to introduce you three new talents, author of the first of a long series of sampler EPs which will give space to new names and ideas in hard music.

G-Ohm is responsible for Chooke, an epic track with a touch of mistery. Drums, grooves and ethnic sound arranged to create something unique.
Piecemaker gives us Brutal deluxe, a dark, groovy and industrial track, the scene definitely need more music like this!
Triple Six makes his first appearance with Beast. Melody and high pitched noises combined together to form a nice new blend. This can be the mainstream of the future.

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