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VV.AA. - Merciless (Brutale - BRU 010) - Hardcore

VV.AA. - Merciless (Brutale - BRU 010) - Hardcore

BRU 010

Merciless VV.AA.
Label: Brutale
Cat N°: BRU 010
Release date: 24-11-2015
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
Another various EP for this Brutale.
This time our artists comes from Spain, Italy and France! Be Brutale.

DJ Sirio & System 3 - Brutal power
The experience of those artists in one track. Sounds and kick are massive, perfect to take the crowd on fire! You’ll love it.

Pattern J vs Psiko - Dead again
Frenchcore sounds, huge kick and a addictive synth that will bring you in another life. Great track by our two French talent producers.

Lady Dammage - Where people die
Powerful hit by the Spanish girl that shows to all of us how she bring the core on it. Hard kick and majestic synths followed by an intensive vocal.

Miss Enemy & DJ Interceptorz - Brutalize
Another italian duo. The italian Miss Enemy bring us to another level with this collab with DJ Interceptorz. Atmosphere and “cassa dritta” is what we need, exactly what we expect!

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