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Mindtrax - Overture Hardcore (Brutale - BRU 028) - Hardcore

Mindtrax - Overture Hardcore (Brutale - BRU 028) - Hardcore

BRU 028

Overture Hardcore Mindtrax
Label: Brutale
Cat N: BRU 028
Release date: 08-11-2016
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
After years experiencing some of the harder sides of the Underground, Mindtrax enter the world of Brutale. He is well known for his advanced sound design so mush as his strong Kick Drums and hardcore atmosphere. With this release he join the dark side of Hardcore, into Brutale!

"Overture Hardcore" is where Mindtrax put all his musical knowledge, in one! Big melodies with strident elaborated synths plus a crunchy kickdrum is what he needs to kick your ass!

"Go hard" is a headbanger! The synth is a bone saws, The vocal is hardcore and the kickdrum is a punch in your face!

"Body Flow" is a pure brutal song rised from the dark side of Mindtrax! This is a crescendo of violence that will slap your face while dancing!

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