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Reevoid - #fuckemall (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0187) - Hardcore

Reevoid - #fuckemall (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0187) - Hardcore

TRAX 0187

#fuckemall Reevoid
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat N°: TRAX 0187
Release date: 15-06-2017
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
After releasing a memorable hit like “The Rush”, the pressure and the expectations around Reevoid’s new EP are at the maximum level.
Some people couldn’t believe this guy reached such an high peak after just one EP and have channelled their jealousy through social media. But once again Reevoid has proved to the world that he has an extra kick! And so…#fuckemall!
This straight and sharp track, with clear PSY influences, gets heavier minutes by minute. 1 incredibly distinctive kick is not enough. After the first melodic break, the climax grows like wild and a new fat and destructive kick screws up everything and stirs up the the dust.

Track after track, Reevoid is building his musical style: urban, forward looking, fresh and eruptive.

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