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Meccano Twins - 777 - More than evil (Brutale - BRU 777) - Hardcore

Meccano Twins - 777 - More than evil (Brutale - BRU 777) - Hardcore

BRU 777

777 - More than evil Meccano Twins
Label: Brutale
Cat N°: BRU 777
Release date: 07-07-2017
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
Meccano Twins has decided to split his soul in seven parts, and put each piece of it in every track that composes the album “777 - More than evil”.
This album has all the Meccano Twins distinctive elements, besides having a darker and more evil atmosphere than ever.
The main track, “More than evil” is mixture of melancholy melodies, mechanic kicks and illusive acoustics. It raises a vortex of diverse emotions. Exceptional.
Hungry for infernal sounds? “Silent Pain” is the track that you were looking for.
“Raise the dead” is as unpredictable as destabilizing. You, who are listening this track, lose all hope.
Listing the weapons of mass destruction present in our world? You must include also “Destruction”. Violent.
“Meccanicks” is a clear example of Jose’s mean style: powerful, rough, with no extra tricks and a straight pervasive rhythm.
Torturing sound systems is one of Meccano Twins favorite passions, “Ignite (7° murder) is the best arm for this purpose.

The last piece of his soul has been hidden inside in a diabolical mask that every times that he will showcase his new album he will wear completing the transformation and preparing the crowd for a 1 hour “special evil act”.
The perfect closing act (when the night goes darker, and the sound gets faster).

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