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VV.AA. - 10 Years of Glory (Official E-Mission 2017 OST) (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0189) - Hardcore

VV.AA. - 10 Years of Glory (Official E-Mission 2017 OST) (Traxtorm Records - TRAX 0189) - Hardcore

TRAX 0189

10 Years of Glory (Official E-Mission 2017 OST) VV.AA.
Label: Traxtorm Records
Cat Nį: TRAX 0189
Release date: 03-08-2017
Style: Hardcore
Type: E.P.
The way you choose to live your life lives on in eternity. Itís not about talent, itís about heart. Itís about who can go out there and play the hardest.

Tommyknoker and Radio Killah took ownership of this mission and produced the Hardcore anthem for this years edition of E-Mission Festival.
The path hasnít been easy, generational conflict arose at first, but the greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.
At last the the two artists managed to combine their unique skills and musical backgrounds.
This path brought them to realize the most glorious track ever, with a clear purpose: celebrating the legacy of E-Mission.

Andy The Core and The Sickest Squad joined forces to create the most brutal anthem E-Mission has ever seen. Representing the past, the present and the future of the fastest side of Hardcore, after many years those 3 legionaries have reached up the glory!

The Stunned Guys and Marc Acardipane, driven by faith in the glorious old school sounds, came up with a masterful combination of a dark and atmospheric melody and of a pounding, fat kick. Their anthem sets new standards for old school productions of the twenty-first century.

There is no doubt at all that RAW hardstyle has become the pop-culture of modern hardstyle. Yet, itís important to keep innovating the genre and the minds of the fansÖand this is exactly what Maad & Flame did with the raw anthem.
Turn up the speakers and listen this versatile bomb!

This EP will take you into a musical journey through Hardcore, Raw Hardstyle, Early Hardcore, Frenchcore & Uptempo.
Donít hesitate, dive into your music!

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