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The Braindrillerz - Project Noah (Brutale - BRU056) - Hardcore

The Braindrillerz - Project Noah (Brutale - BRU056) - Hardcore


Project Noah The Braindrillerz
Label: Brutale
Cat N: BRU056
Release date: 10-07-2018
Style: Hardcore
Type: Album
"Although music is often the best place for musicians to put deeply held feelings, sometimes it's important to give a direct shout-out to the people who have inspired those feelings. That's where the album dedication comes in particularly handy, a personal association adding that extra layer of meaning to the music without overloading the songs with backstory."

Containing collaborations with artists like, Tommyknocker, Bit Reactors, Stereotype, A-Kriv, General Guyble, Mc Ghost, Chem D & Da Mouth of Madness, as well as many unreleased solos, The Braindrillerz 'Project NOAH' album is a 360 degree music experience that will literally drill your brains.

Expect no less than 100% pure 'Drill N Kore' sound.

"Dedicated to my son Noah Sebastian Danny"

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