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The Braindrillerz - Terror Rage (Brutale - BRU061) - Hardcore

The Braindrillerz - Terror Rage (Brutale - BRU061) - Hardcore


Terror Rage The Braindrillerz
Label: Brutale
Cat N: BRU061
Release date: 11-12-2018
Style: Hardcore
Type: Single
This ground shaking hybrid tune will letterally blast your speakers!

Terror Rage is a blended mix between Terror & Hardcore Uptempo, with that Drillkore touch that always characterize The Braindrillerz's sound.

Aggressive kickdrums, high BPM, dark break down and an energetic build up with an epic vocal line, will project yourself into a post apocalyptic scenario where the only thing allowed is DESTROY EVERYTHING!

Harder, Faster, Louder!

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