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The Anunnaki - Church of Noise (album) Out Now on Traxtorm Records


loading... The Anunnaki - Church of Noise (album) | Out Now on Traxtorm Records
The Anunnaki - Church of Noise (album) | Out Now on Traxtorm Records
Posted: 21-09-2017 | Brutale | Traxtorm Records
The Anunnaki's first album has finally arrived: 9 tracks of unpublished and revisited tracks that surround the quest for the alien sound labeled "The Anunnaki". A sound whirlwind ranging from a Raw/Hardcore slower sound to the fastest ones with Industrial/Drum'n'bass influences.

A real mix of music genres combined with the most wanted Hardcore malice.

Church of Noise includes the unusual homonym single, whose lyrics were designed together with MC Braincase, and several collaborations with pioneers of the world's Drum'n'bass scene such as Gancher & Ruin, Triamer & Nagato.
Collaboration with one of the most crazy industrial breakthroughs of the time The Satan.
Not to mention the VIP version of Brutal Eyes along with The Melodyst, other featuring with The Fuze, Mentalquake and the new D-Element talent and the special Hip Hop bonus track of #SickSociety together with MC Braincase.

You can't miss this one in your collection!


01 - The Anunnaki & Mentalquake - Boomstick
02 - The Anunnaki ft MC Braincase - Church of Noise
03 - The Anunnaki & The Satan - Celebration of Death
04 - The Anunnaki & The Fuze - R.A.V.E.
05 - The Anunnaki & Gancher & Ruin - Goodbye Motherfucker
06 - The Anunnaki & D-Element ft MC Braincase - Part of This
07 - The Anunnaki & Triamer & Nagato - Is Never Free
08 - The Anunnaki & The Melodyst - Brutal Eyes (VIP Mix)
09 - The Anunnaki ft MC Braincase - #SickSociety (Hardcore Hip Hop Vip Mix)
10 - The Anunnaki - Church of Noise (Full continuous mix)

The USB Stick comes with following features:
Extended version (.WAV 16bit).
All the old releases of The Anunnaki released on Brutale (only for those who buy USB stick).
Numbered and signed postcard.