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Bloodpeak joins Sonic Solution Bookings | Breaking News
Posted: 09-10-2017 | Sector Zero
Sonic Solution Bookings is proud to welcome a new Italian artists to his RAW Hardstyle roster called Bloodpeak.
Bloodpeak is a project founded by Mirko Ilic, an Italian musician and producer.
In 2008, at the age of 12, Mirko got hooked on Electronic Dance Music and soon discovered his interest for the harder styles.
Around 2014/15, Mirko, who at that time was a keyboardist, decided that it was time to focus on composing and becoming a music producer.
Going through a variety of music genres, he has slowly created his own style, incorporating elements from all those genres and adding his personal touch to it.
In 2017 Bloodpeak released his first EP under Sector Zero: "Rave dimension", a vibrant track, characterized by an acid bass, a 90's breakbeat surrounded by synths, and rhythmical elements coexisting harmoniously together.
This new generation artist has a massive artistic potential. His sound, designed with a magical attention to every detail, will surely get you off your feet.
Get ready for a new sound obliterating the borders between Hardstyle and Hardcore!