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A Nightmare in Rotterdam - Enter The Time Machine


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A Nightmare in Rotterdam - Enter The Time Machine
Posted: 14-12-2006 | Sonic Solution Entertainment
On the 16th of December 2006, A Nightmare in Rotterdam will return to the era when hardcore was still on the verge of development. A Nightmare in Rotterdam returns to the deeply buried hardcore roots, back to the days when we all partied in just one big hall until the sun came up, when hardcore was simply "hardcore" before it was divided in many hardcore sub-categories. Back to the time when there was total unity on - at that time very rarely held - hardcore events. The largest hall the Ahoy' venue has to offer will be transformed into an impressive time machine on the 16th of December, which surely will take the Nightmare visitor on a journey to those good old Energiehal days in the early nineties. One huge hall where past and present hardcore will come together as one, served during unique back-to-back DJ combinations of Nightmare legends representing the current and past hardcore elite. Early rave and present hardcore sets will take turns on the gigantic stage, where two separate DJ booths will be fully equipped. The entire "Enter The Time Machine" theme will not only be musically presented during the various DJ sets, live acts and the artist presentation on this night, but will also be visually presented in the decoration: the Nightmare visitor will find him / herself as a true traveller through the history of hardcore! It goes without saying that A Nightmare in Rotterdam opened a impressive can of hardcore artists for this event, absolutely not to be missed on this journey... Next to the Nightmare resident DJ Lars, the German early rave specialist Marc Acardipane - who's sure to perform a pure PCP live set with The Ultimate MC -, the Nightmare old-timers Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo and the ever atmosphere increasing Bodylotion will serve the crowd a memorable early rave trip. Especially for this event, the uncrowned king of turntabelism The Viper, the always raging Nosferatu and Partyraiser and the legendary Predator will pitch down their beats per minute, dust off their golden oldies and - without a doubt - will deliver a lovely early rave set. On the present hardcore side, Enter The Time Machine will program - besides the Nightmare residents Neophyte, DJ Panic and Evil Activities - hardcore emperors such as Tha Playah, the Italian mega-talent Mad Dog, the revolutionary Promo, Lady Dana and the absolute Godfather and founder of the Nightmare in Rotterdam events, DJ Paul. Next to the above mentioned hardcore massacre, For the first time ever on a Dutch hardcore event, A Nightmare in Rotterdam exclusively presents the Italian live act Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied, consisting of the happy-few of the Traxtorm Records top. Under the fierce leadership of Traxtorm label bosses The Stunned Guys, they will show and prove in collaboration with Tommyknocker, Mad Dog and Art of Fighters exactly where the current Italian hardcore scene stands for! All additional information can be found on our website: A Nightmare in Rotterdam - Enter The Time Machine will start at 9pm and will continue until 7am. Tickets are 39,- (ex presale fee) and can be purchased online at and Tickets are also available at all Free Record Shops, Ticketbox and Mid-Town Shops outlets, and online at Enter the Time Machine... history will be a part of the future! General information: Date: Saturday the 16th of December 2006 Name: A Nightmare in Rotterdam - Enter The Time Machine Location: Ahoy' Rotterdam, The Netherlands Time: 21:00 - 07:00 Ticket price: 39,- (ex. presale fee) Internet: