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Meccano Twins: one step beyond.


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Meccano Twins: one step beyond.
Posted: 04-05-2010 | T.R.S.E. | Traxtorm Records
After welcoming Unexist and Alien T to the team, we have yet another new artist joining the darkest Hardcore part of Traxtorm Records. JosŤ Sendra, Italo-Spanish DJ/producer, officially become a membre of the Meccano Twins project. Meccano Twins started in 2003 and was formed by two members of Art of Fighters. By forming this new group, they wanted to express a different and more alternative sound than ever before. Since 2007, the project has been carried out by Cristian Nardelli as a solo artist. After collaborating for months producing their new releases, Cristian and JosŤ will return as a duo by representing the new Meccano Twins. Thanks to the underground touch of this newcomer, they created a new dimension that will lead the sound of the Meccano Twins into the darkest parts of hardcore music. JosŤ Sendra will not only be joining in as a producer, but he will also show his talents on stage starting this year! The new duo will be presenting themselves at all the big events such as Dominator, Decibel Outdoor and Hardcore Italia, where they will unveil their new EP and latest productions.