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Darkside of Hardcore - The E.P.


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Darkside of Hardcore - The E.P.
Posted: 21-02-2005 | T.R.S.E.
-MECCANO TWINS VS ART OF FIGHTERS -TOMMYKNOCKER -THE WISHMASTERS FEAT. LIFE_RUNS_RED From the project "Darkside of Hardcore", finally on vinyl the ep that features some of the Traxtorm's top artists: Tommyknocker, Art of Fighters and Meccano Twins. Special guests on this ep, and for the first time on TRSE, we have the well known Wishmaster and Life_Runs_Red (a.k.a. 50% of Armageddon Project). The first pressing was sold out in one week!!! This record is a must have for your record bag... tracklist