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VV.AA. - Ferocious Out now on Brutale


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VV.AA. - Ferocious | Out now on Brutale
Posted: 29-04-2015 | Brutale
Brutale 004 comes out with 4 tracks designed by 4 artists with a different hardcore style.

The track of the Bit Reactors presents a monstrous kick and an industrial sounds. This track is really Brutale.

Detest show his technique and passion! The continuous changes of kicks and sounds create the right thrill that the dancefloor is expected.

Kutski & Joey Riot: very interesting track, a mix of sounds and melodies that will allow this track to be played even in closures of some mainstage.

The Anunnaki expresses power through bad speakers and sounds, one of those who will blow up the dancefloor.